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Here are our face filters did where we try out different features to let you see its potential.

VR, App, Edutainment, Adventure

The First Mobile VR Underwater Adventure | Puzzle Dazzle x Creatinno Tech

The main idea of this project is to let users experience a remarkable underwater adventure in a 3D underwater world with an astounding view and variety of sea life. This makes the adventure entertaining, educational, and rewarding at the same time.

AR, 360, Tourism

Visit Langkawi on Your Sofa with 360 Images

Users will be able to visually explore different destinations by accessing corresponding 360 images. With this “try it before buy” strategy, the effectiveness of a promotion campaign will be increased.

AR, Edutainment, Colouring Book

Rethink Coloring Activity with AR

A project to revitalize typically colouring activity experience by enabling users to witness the coloured objects come to life. Additional information about the objects also added to the project making the colouring activity not only enjoyable but educational at the same time.

AR, App, eCommerce, Furniture

Try the Furniture First Before Buying It with AR

A project on supporting the distribution channel of furniture by enabling users to visualize furniture in their own premises anytime, anywhere. With an incredible 99% accuracy of the 3D in representing its actual size, this brings convenience not only to the seller but also to the buyers.

AR, Packaging, Brand, Storytelling

Better Product Storytelling with AR

Using AR, we can tell the story about the product in a more engaging way. And able to highlight the selling point of a product more effectively. Besides, with the sales funnel side by side, we can even add links to websites or social media to drive traffic to other places.

AR, VR, Property, Real Estate

View a Property Effortlessly with AR & VR

An innovative way on how property agents can make use of immersive technology like AR and VR in promoting a property. AR can help in visualizing property digitally and VR enables users to immerse themselves into a 3D world where the interior of the property is showcased.

AR, Utility, Book

Decide Faster on What Book to Buy with Instant AR Review

The aim is to provide users a summary of rating and reviews of the book instantly after scanning the book cover with a phone. This will surely help a lot of people to decide whether or not to buy a book.

AR, Entertainment, Puzzle

Extend the Fun of Solving the Puzzle with AR

AR is used to make the content in the puzzle comes alive and players can easily access it using phones. Then, players can enjoy the AR content such as story, music, or even games after solving a puzzle. This makes the puzzle-solving activity more enjoyable and fun!

AR, Entertainment, Toy Figure

Give Life to Your Toy Figure with AR

With the Object Tracking algorithm, special digital effects can be now overlay around an object. This makes a toy figure as if it is alive! What can be better than a toy comes alive?

AR, Namecard, Branding

Impress People Now with Cool AR Business Card

With AR, you can add more information with video, photo, text to ensure your client is well informed without any changes to the card’s design. You can also add links to direct traffic from your business card to your social media and even website.

360, Virtual Tour, Property, Real Estate

The Landmark by Katana’s Virtual Tour

A virtual tour on the Landmark by Katana in Penang. Sits on the 40th floor with a breathtaking balcony view, spacious space, clean room, and serene environment. It is definitely a good place for a break during one’s stressed-out and busy moment.

360, Celebration, Documentary

Christmas in Penang 2021

Astounding Christmas Trees a mall we managed to capture in 2020. Although COVID took the attention of everyone for the whole year in 2020, the resilience and hopes of humankind for COVID to end can be deeply felt in the effort of people pouring in making these few-story-high Christmas Tree.

360, Documentary, Heritage

St Joseph Penang 360 Images

St Joseph was built in 1916. It is still standing nowadays side by side with many new buildings in the city of Penang as if time doesn’t apply to itself.

margic app

AR, App

MARGIC – Portal to Alternative Reality

MARGIC is under the mission to provide accessible way for clients to serve their Augmented Reality (AR) experience to people easily with act as a portal for people to enter the AR world and unlock the alternative reality.

dulife pocket app


Dulife Pocket – Digitalize Management Operation

Dulife Pocket is developed for internal usage with the mission to digitalize administrative work to improve working efficiency and boost the productivity of adminstrators.

Face Filter, Role Play

Become a Curious, Smiling or Winking Doggie!

Which emotion do people like most? Curious, Smiling, or Wink? Players can try all of it with our doggie filter to see which emotion works the best for them! This filter is designed by an artist from USM.

Face Filter, Games, Festival

How Much Raya Kuih You Can Catch?

A kuih lover? This filter challenges player to catch all the 99 kuih! Ranking will be given at the end based on the player’s score. Have fun playing and Selamat Hari Raya!

Face Filter, Greetings, Festival

Fill Up Raya with Smiles!

With Covid spread fear among the community. We designed this filter to make people smile during Raya to spread positive energy. So when smiling, the decoration will come alive to greet the player.

Face Filter, Anime, Role Play, Fashion

I’m Demon Slayer, Tanjiro!

This filter was made based on a fan request which is referring to the fashion of a character namely Tanjiro in Demon Slayer Anime with his signature accessory, the Hanafuda-themed earrings.

Face Filter, F&B


Who doesn’t love teatime? This is a teatime-themed filter where users can select one of the 4 drinks that available in the filter. And then, players can drink it by opening their mouths.

Face Filter, Festival, Greetings

Let’s Celebrate Thaipusam!

Something special to celebrate Thaipusam! We made a filter that will pop up beautifully lighted oil lamps when users scanned the poster that we made using a phone. Enjoy!

Face Filter, Greetings

Love Is in the Air!

Love is in the air and it is! We made this filter to spread the loveness to the whole world and let everyone feel the love of each other either in the form of a couple, family, or friends!

Face Filter, Role Play

Help! I’m Trap in the Space!

This filter was inspired by the movie called “Space” where the user’s facial expression will be copied and pasted to the astronaut in the filter. Furthermore, the voice of the users will also be altered to make it sounds more spacey. This filter is also designed by an artist from USM.

Face Filter, Festival, Greetings

Celebrate CNY with KUM!

This filter lets people celebrate CNY with our KUM filter and brings prosperity to their living as KUM rhyme with Gold in Cantonese. Heng ah! Huat ah!

Face Filter, F&B

Reward Yourself with Dessert Today!

Having problems choosing a dessert as today’s reward? This filter helps people to decide what dessert to choose faster in a very fun way. This filter is designed collaboratively with an artist from Ipoh!